Lake Orta Hotels…fairy tale scenarios for the mind and heart.

Hotel Approdo

1In a breathtaking sight on the shores of the Lake Orta, the Approdo represents the ideal destination where to spend unforgettable holidays.

Hotel Giardinetto

2The Hotel Giardinetto is located on the shores of the Lake Orta, in an oasis of peace. It is located 2 km from the medieval town of Orta San Giulio, and it offers all comforts of a modern hotel.

Hotel Villa Crespi

3Villa Crespi is an unique mansion house in a Moorish style which was built in 1879. It is dominated by a minaret and it is surrounded by a large park sloping to the lake.


Learn all you can do on Lake Orta!


To make your stay special and unique on the lake, we decided to offer some great deals, packages and last minute. Each bid will respond to your wishes. Offers will be updated weekly!

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Nestled in an oasis of tranquility, Lake Orta is the perfect place for a relaxing escape, inspiration and culture. For this reason we offer to you a series of events held throughout the year. From art shows in Orta San Giulio in the concert or opera to jazz themed evenings in our restaurants. We will [...]

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Food & Wine

Everything has a flavor and scent in Piedmont, from the humble mushroom prized truffles, mountain cheese from the mountain spirits, wines from cold cuts to true excellence … that our area provides the basis for a kitchen that knows how to be simple and robust but also noble and delicate. Here ideas, recipes, tasty route [...]

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For those who love sport and want to stay on Lake Orta, we offer many opportunities to commune with nature through activities of water and land. We range from water-skiing, wind surfing, cycling, trekking and more. Lake Orta can only wonder you!

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A spell, a body of water, a precious jewel for mmaginazione of poets and painters. Surrounded by green mountains and small towns were a little ‘suspended in time is the ideal place to rediscover the magic and all the romance that the hectic life every day and sometimes more often make us forget. About some [...]

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They are the care and attention to the smallest details to make a perfect wedding, and there is no better setting to exchange your love promise of Lake Orta, one of the most exclusive and romantic destinations in the world. Here you will find offers, photos and stories of couples who are happy we did!

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